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Gina's Wedding Music MP3's - click here for guitar chords (note Longer is in G here, but will drop to key of D)

The Battle Hymn of Love - Kathy Mattea - Sheet Music

Marry Me - Train - Sheet Music

She Is Love - Parachute -

I Will Be Here - Steven Curtis Chapman - Sheet Music

Flesh of my Flesh - Leon Patillo - Sheet Music

When I Say I Do - Matthew West - Sheet Music

Longer - Dan Fogleberg

Love is All You Need - Beatles - Sheet Music


Catholic Spoken Word mp3's

How to Bring Fallen Away Catholics Back To The Church - Scott Hahn

How to Get the Most out of Mass - Scott Hahn

The Body and Blood of Christ - Scott Hahn

The Fourth Cup - Scott Hahn

The Virgin Mary Revealed Through Scripture - Scott Hahn

Understanding the Eucharist - Scott Hahn



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MUSIC MENU – 2018                                 

Third Sunday of Lent -1024

March 24, 2016 (Sara, Lisa; Larry & Bill)

Prelude:                  Wood and Nails                                                 NEW download

Gathering:              From Ashes To The Living Font                         474

                                (Vs 3 follows Year C Sunday III)

Kyrie:                       Mass of Wisdom                                                         

Psalm:                     Ps 103: The Lord Is Kind and Merciful             72

Gosp. Accl:              Lenten Season

Prep. of Gifts:         Return To God                                                   478 Download

Holy, Holy:              Mass of Wisdom

Mem. Accl:                        “  (Save Us . . .)

Great Amen:                     “        

Lamb of God:                    “

Communion:          Change our Hearts                    493    

Sending:                  There’s A Wideness In God’s Mercy           644    

Fourth Sunday of Lent - 1027

March 31, 2019 (Sara, Vicki; Zengels; Becky subs for Kim)

Prelude:                  Be With Me Lord

Gathering:              From Ashes To The Living Font                         474

                                (Vs 3 follows Year C Sunday IV)

Kyrie:                       Heritage Mass

Psalm:                     Ps 34: Taste And See                                           45 Download

Gosp. Accl:              Lenten Season

Prep. of Gifts:         Deep Within                                                      486

Holy, Holy:              Sanctus

Mem. Accl:             Mass of Redemption (We Proclaim….)

Great Amen:           Danish Amen

Lamb of God:         Agnus Dei

Communion:          Hosea                                                                 484 Download

Sending:                  Lord, Who Throughout These Forty Days    479 Download





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